Starting this January, we’ve been adopting MindManager as a tool to enhance team collaboration, communication and creative thinking.  After completing an introductory training with the team on the basics of MindManager and MindJet Connect, I invited everyone to a map contest purpose of which was to design a map template for our staff meeting agenda.  That map template would be the first step towards real-time online meeting collaboration where participants from around the world could contribute their ideas and thoughts by adding them to the map on the fly.  Using the map-based approach, we want to see if we can improve:

a)     understanding between people working remotely

b)     team members’ engagement

c)      brainstorming new ideas

d)     meeting effectiveness

The contest was a fun way to apply new knowledge and try new skills. We had 100% participation with great results.  The top winning map, as judged by team members, became our official meeting agenda template that we’ll be using for future meetings.

For me personally, all submitted maps were winners! I was surprised and pleased to see how quickly all team members learned and applied new skills – after only three 30-munutes training sessions – and how distinctly different and creative each map was.  And for many people, that was their first map!  Here are a few samples.