We’ve been very busy and made significant breakthroughs since my last post in April.   Although it is hard to measure scientifically, I see a direct correlation between the team’s participation in the Idea Mapping workshop and the explosion of new ideas.  Just between January and July, we’ve developed and released two conceptually new services transforming the way we research and present information.  We are also transforming the way we communicate.  I already wrote about map meetings in the past.  We took collaboration a step further and now we report our weekly accomplishments together, in a single map.

It’s always been my intention to use idea maps and visualization in the library’s information research and distribution activities.  We haven’t figured it out yet how to best use MindManager to do that, but we’ve been experimenting.   For example, attached is a map created by Prakash Doraswamy, who attempted to capture key ideas from literature review and analysis he is doing for the health care reform.

I hope you are enjoying the summer time.  I’ll be in Russia most of August and will resume writing when I come back. Developments in U.S. Healthcare Reforms-small