This fiscal year that started October 1, 2009, we are looking at our business processes to see what’s been working and what’s not, and how we can apply what we’ve learned in the last few years to get better results faster. 

One of the first processes we’ve reviewed was the process of library introduction to new hires.  This is the first encounter a new employee has with the library and, as we all know,  the first impression is most lasting and thus critical to a person’s intention to use the library as a resource for his/her investment research. To help evaluate the process, we’ve turned to idea mapping, creating an idea map (or mind map) of the process.  In addition to identifying the process’ gaps, this map replaces a multiple-page Word document we used as a process description and guidelines, creating a single-page view of the process which is easy to use in preparation to the session with a new library client and as a guide during the session.

Business Process Map-Library Introduction-smaller