There are many ways to learn about Idea Mapping (IM) and how this visual thinking and learning tool can help people from all walks of life to become better at what they do, both in business and personal lives.  If you Google “idea mapping”, you’ll get over 46000 hits.  There are many books written on the subject, particularly by Tony Buzan who’s written prolifically on the topic of mind maps, memory and creativity.  There are dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs from the idea mapping practitioners around the globe.  

Today’s growing interest in the Idea Mapping is no accident.  With increasing complexity of the world we live in, we all are looking for the right answers and better decisions, for clarity and connections.  We want to learn faster and be more effective .   Perhaps, the best way to start learning about IM is to read the Idea Mapping book by Jamie Nast.  It includes everything a beginner needs to know, with a lot of practical exaples of IM applications.  The attached idea map is the book’s visual outline demonstrating key IM concepts.  Get the book – it may become one of your best investments.