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If you are interested in improving your thinking and learning skills, this blog is for you.  Its purpose is to ignite an interest in and share knowledge about Idea Mapping, a whole brain visual tool used by many people worldwide to learn faster, think better and achieve success both in business and life. 

Working in the corporate world, I’ve used Idea Mapping to keep up with accelerating changes and better understand connections between events, people and concepts.   Idea Mapping has helped me to enhance my leadership and decision making skills, develop more focused business plans and manage projects, processes and meetings through the use of holistic visualization techniques.  It is great for brainstorming and generating innovative ideas.  Using MindManager software, I’ve developed many templates for meetings, reports, performance evaluation, interviewing, etc., some of which I’ll share with you on these pages.

Both in my career and my personal life, I’ve used idea maps to cope with information overload and process information faster, while remembering it longer.  Idea Mapping is great for sharpening our memory!  I’ve used idea maps to clarify my personal vision, find solutions to problems, plan vacations, take notes and create visual book reviews.  You’ll see some of them here.

While I am very excited about applying Idea Mapping to my work and private life, I am also excited about sharing what I’ve learned with you.  I hope you’ll find this information as interesting as beneficial.

You can contact me at larisa@IdeaMappingSuccess.com.

To learn more about Idea Mapping, visit Jamie Nast’s web site http://www.ideamappingsuccess.com

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