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Press Releases         

Idea Mapping Book Press Release


Biggerplate interview
2-Minute Video Overviews Idea Mapping Workshops
NastGroup, Inc.
Techsmith The Forge: Meet Jamie Nast
NastGroup, Inc.
30-Second Video Overviews Idea Mapping Workshops
NastGroup, Inc.
02.15.10 3-Minute Idea Mapping Workshop Video  Best video! Amman, Jordan
  This video features testimonies from professionals from Jordan and other countries in the Middle East.

Radio & TV Interviews

10.06.08 Using MindManager for Strategic Planning
07.17.07 The Business of Idea Mapping Part 1
Tara Kachaturoff is the host and producer of BCTV's (Bloomfield Community TV) show Michigan Entrepreneur. Tara introduced viewers to how entrepreneurs can use idea mapping. In this clip, Jamie demonstrates how the brain processes information associatively, and then shows how to create a simple idea map of a "to do" list.
Show 1
09.10.07 The Business of Idea Mapping Part 2
BCTV will run part 2 of this show twice during the week of September 10, 2007. Tara shares her ideas about "Creating Buzz around Your Business". Jamie creates an idea map of her thoughts while Tara is talking.
Show 2
Idea Mapping on A Closer Look
Summit City Radio

Below is radio personality Leslie Stone's 30-minute interview with Jamie Nast. It aired on WGL (1250AM & 102.9FM) during the Sunday AM show titled A Closer Look. This show is heard in and around the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area, parts of western Ohio, and the tip of southeastern Michigan.

Enjoy listening!

Idea Mapping
Rolonda Watts Show
This nationally syndicated radio interview included 3 of Jamie's past clients -- two managers from a large automotive company in southeastern, Michigan and one from Mayo Clinic.

Magazine/Newspaper Articles

Plymouth Author Scribes Map to Success
Writer Lester Holmes captures a story about Idea Mapping. Go to the newspaper's online archives for the full story.
From Idea to Action
This article comes from Purdue University and is an excellent overview of Idea Mapping and includes several examples. For the third year in a row, The Wall Street Journal ranks Krannert among top 5 MBA schools.

Idea Mapping Book Reviews

01.12.07 Idea Mapping - Biz Books Review
Business First
Biz Books is published in 15 major USA newspapers and written by syndicated writer, Jim Pawlak.
11.01.06 ASTD Book Review
T & D Magazine
American Society of Training & Development.
Draw Me a Pretty Picture
Excellent book review!


Werner Institute Webinar: Idea Mapping - A Whole-Brain Visual Thinking Tool
NastGroup, Inc.
05.17.11 1-hour Global Idea Mapping Webinar  
  This free 1-hour webinar is an introduction to Idea Mapping.
08.26.09 1-hour Idea Mapping Webinar  
  This free 1-hour webinar is an introduction to Idea Mapping. RMC Project
Management Bookstore

Marketing Documents

09.06.06 Info Quake
NastGroup, Inc.
Check it out and have a laugh!


Idea Mapping Book

Buy from Amazon here! Idea Mapping

Idea Mapping Book

Jordan Idea Mapping Workshop YouTube Video

Excellent YouTube video featuring Idea Mapping Workshop participants from Jordan

For examples, hints, and lots of Idea Mapping fun visit the

Idea Mapping Blog

Photos of Idea Mapping workshops and related items can be viewed here. You may see YOURSELF!!


Idea Making Kit 

The first custom-designed Idea Mapping Kit!


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